90 days and counting

September 26, 2019

“The nights are fair drawing in”, is a commonly heard expression in Scotland at this time of year. With summer holidays a distant memory and jackets dragged back out the cupboard – whether you dread it or are excited by it, the next topic of conversation will be Christmas.

For many team members, the installation of the company Christmas tree brings sparkle and illumination into otherwise long, dark days, boosting the spirits, as the winter months stretch out before us.

According to Susan M. Heathfield, HR management consultant, “happy employees are the most significant factor when you think about raising work productivity and creating happy satisfied customers.”

So, with only 90 days to go, it’s time to ensure the spirit of happiness is alive in your work place this festive season by ordering your office Christmas tree. With our ‘no hassle’ service, it’s simply a matter of selecting your required displays from our wide range of colours and the GP Plantscape team will take care of the delivery, installation and uplift.

And by decorating your workplace to brighten the mood, you may subsequently maintain or even increase performance.

Furthermore, by ticking it off the to-do list now, you can ensure you secure your preferred delivery date.

This year we are excited to have introduced new colour schemes to match contemporary décor and changing tastes, however, for the traditionalists out there – don’t panic, as we’ve kept the popular favourites, as classic as the Christmas tree itself.

For those dreaming of a white Christmas, check out the frosted tree with its snowy alpine effect and if space is at a premium, a wreath or a garland could be just enough to spruce up your workplace.

Our full range is available to view here and as always, we love feedback, so please tell us your favourite in the collection.