Professionally Delivered Trees

September 12, 2017

It’s barely autumn, the temperature is dropping , leaves are beginning to fall and I am going to fast forward you several weeks straight to the 25th December. Well maybe a few weeks before that as we lead up to Christmas, but while most businesses are still at full throttle. The festive season for some businesses can be at the pinnacle of its annual operational activity, for others it’s manic as the financial year end approaches and for some it is simply chaotic as the holiday period looms large. Amongst all this activity the office Christmas decorations can fall way down the ‘to do’ list and before you know it December is here and staff are crying out for a Christmas Tree.

So rather than find yourself in that position, why not consider booking now and renting your Christmas displays from GP Plantscape?

Just 3 reasons why you should consider this proposition.

Instant Hassle Free Displays

Renting your Christmas tree from a professional company like GP Plantscape alleviates the pressure of organising your Christmas décor. Simply choose form live or artificial, the size that best suits your location, your preferred colour scheme and place your order with Heather at GP,, with your preferred installation date. We will then deliver your tree, fully decorated with PAT tested lights and all the relevant health and safety paperwork for your staff, customers and visitors to enjoy. What could be easier?

Storage and Disposal

Whilst decorating a Christmas tree can be fun, taking it down again is nobody’s favourite job. Especially when returning to work in January ready to start the new year only to be  faced with the remnants of the previous one. As part of our service we will take away your Christmas tree, storing all artificial trees at our premises or recycling any live trees in our own green waste facility at Blantyre.


Whether you want a live tree this year and an artificial one next or a blue and silver tree one year and a purple one the year after, renting your tree from GP Plantscape allows you the flexibility to change your display each year. Why not make your Christmas tree a talking point with an element of surprise for your staff as they eagerly await their installation?

Installing over 300 Christmas trees both live and artificial each season, we at GP Plantscape understand the importance of getting it right for every customer all of the time. To secure your Christmas tree order for this coming festive season please give us a call or email Heather with your enquiry. More information about our Christmas displays can be found on our website at