Desk Bowls to Discover in 2018

February 7, 2018

Small planters are ideal for reception desks, cabinet tops and coffee tables particularly when space may be at a premium, but with literally hundreds on the market place how do you choose. Individual taste obviously does play its part, however to help you decide our Interior Landscaping Manager, Lex Kennedy and Contracts Manager, Andrea Nolan have put together a pick of 5 desk bowls in the current market place that may be just what you’re looking for.


The Tara Bowl from Pottery Pots is a stylish desk bowl available in 5 sizes, although the largest size is really more suited to floor standing. Made from fiberstone, it’s lightweight structure makes it ideal for use in our monthly desk bowl collection (small size), which is swapped out every month with a new themed display.  Not only does the round flat shape provide a contemporary addition to the workplace, more practically the wide opening allows for ease of planting and for a full planting theme . Readily available, the one downside of the Tara bowl is its limited choice of colours primarily available in black, white or grey. However there are three pretty options for the extra small size of rose, gold and silver.


Size        Dimensions (mm)

XS           305 x 120

S             400 x 155

M           600 x 225

L             800 x 300

XL           1000 x 375


The Minsk from Livingreen meanwhile is available in every colour under the sun and comes in a textured, polished or matt finish. Similar in shape to the Tara, it is has a deeper planting space which affords more flexibility in the planting styles that can be accommodated and is also lightweight, fashioned from fiberglass.  If there are any downsides to this desk bowl it is that they are only available in 2 sizes and may have a slightly longer lead time. At GP we have used this bowl extensively and recently installed more than 40 in an office in Edinburgh on cabinet tops where space was a premium and to prevent papers, files etc being stored on the furniture.


Size        Dimensions (mm)

1             335 x 100

2             525 x 160

Polystone Rock Boat

Constructed from polyester resin combined with crushed stone the Rock Boat is deceivingly light weight and offers an alternative shape with a natural look. Available in three sizes and three finishes, (smoke, natural and rock) it lends itself to a variety of planting schemes and is particularly eye catching incorporating orchids or guzmania as featured below.

Size        Dimensions (mm)

S             460 x 200 x 130

M           680 x 330 x 180

L             900 x 400 x 300



To add a bit of frivolity, the Phoenix, from Livingreen, can add a touch of architectural nature to any board room table. Ultra- modern in terms of design the shallow planting space limits choice in foliage, however adding succulents currently very popular partly due to their ease of maintenance, can make an eye catching feature.  Available in any RAL colour it does only come in one size (500 x 250 x 120mm) and is raised by 1cm in the middle to give it a floating effect.


Brown Shell in size medium

Last of the pick is the Shell container which we recently installed on pedestals in a Manchester site to create this stunning effect. Meticulously crafted by hand and covered in sea shells to give a glittering effect it is available in either white, brown or black mother of pearl fragments, in 3 sizes with only the smallest 2 of these suitable for desk bowl use. As you would expect the price point on this unit is at the top of the list but as such produces amazing results.

Size        Dimensions (mm)

S             400 x 240

M           600 x 330

L             700 x 360

I hope that this article gives you some desk bowl inspiration. For any further information please give us a call on 0808 100 3120.