Did you know GP also could…..?

June 28, 2017

In a previous post we gave you a flavour of some additional services we offer at GP Plantscape to complement our core interior and exterior landscaping service.  Here are a few more that you may or may not have used before but might just find a need for. 

1.Paving – Installation or Repair

The majority of commercial exterior areas have will encompass some element of paving which if damaged or uneven not only looks unsightly but can also pose a health and safety hazard.

At GP Plantscape we can provide a repair service for all those broken slabs or blocks in paved areas and can also improve landscaped areas by installing paving for pathways, seating areas and outside receptions.

2. Corporate Artwork

To complement our interior plant offering GP Artscape provide corporate artwork on a rental or purchase basis for office environments. Corporate identity is an important aspect of business, why stop at your logo, website or stationary. Enhance your environment and make an aesthetic statement in the workplace for clients, visitors and staff. Art can bring benefits to your surroundings and set the tone for any area, with a wide range of artwork from traditional to abstract in a variety of mediums.

Whatever the space you wish to provide a visual boost, whether offices, receptions, break out areas, or meeting rooms we can provide the artwork for you. Service can include artwork to framing, installation and aftercare we can provide it all, all you have to do is enjoy! To read more about our artscape service click here.

3. Speed Restriction

Controlling the speed of vehicles on site is yet another priority for facilities managers to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and company property. Installation of speed bumps and signage of speed limits in areas where there is a high volume of traffic and where speed limits tend to be broken are effective in implementing traffic calming measures.

 4.Pressure Washing

Whilst paved areas provide low maintenance most of the year round they can become dirty over time even if regularly brushed and any build up of dirt or algae can also cause a slip hazard. If you have any areas which have become a health and safety risk due to algae build up or are particularly unsightly in a high profile area GP Plantscape can perform a pressure wash on the hard standing to remove any build up and hazard presented.


5. Pothole repairs

A small hole can quickly enlarge in an high trafficked area and become a major problem for vehicle owners and businesses alike.  Potholes such as these can be quickly repaired to ensure smooth access and movement of vehicles around the site and avoid damage to vehicles and potential claims.

For more information on any of the above services just give us a call. To take a look back at our previous blog click here.