Exterior maintenance doesn’t for summer

October 8, 2019

With autumn firmly established, here’s five exterior grounds tasks to consider in the coming weeks to prepare for winters arrival.

Road Sweeping

Debris and algae will naturally build up along kerb edges on roadways and in car parks throughout the summer and now is the ideal time to remove any waste and rubble. Not only will the clean-up improve the overall appearance of the site, it will minimise potential slips and trips hazards. Our Hako City Master 600 is ideal for clearing kerb edges and small enough to access some pedestrian areas. Fitted with a power washer it also can remove build up of dirt on paving and slabs.

Tree Maintenance

As we are now out with the growing season it’s the perfect time to remove the lower branches from trees. Raising the canopy encourages healthy growth, reduces leaf drop and improves the overall presentation of the tree. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of people or vehicles encountering the lower hanging limbs and allows more sunlight to penetrate the foliage, lessening the build up of algae on paths or roads below.




Aqua Channel Clearance

To ensure adequate drainage in car parks during the winter months, it is important to clear away any debris blocking aqua channels. A build up of dirt and silt can lead to flooding and as the temperature dips this lying water will turn to ice, creating a potential health and safety hazard.





Refreshing Shrub Beds

October is the perfect time to reinvigorate shrub beds before that hard frosts set in. Mature, established specimens will have stopped growing and can be planted while there is still moisture in the soil, requiring little aftercare. Replacing top dressings of bark or slate will also improve the appearance of the beds over the winter months.

Leaf Clearance

Glorious autumn colours indicate falling leaves which can be a real menace on site. Not only do they look unsightly, but left unattended can block drains, create a potential slip hazard and damage the underling surface area. When the majority of the foliage has been deposited why not book a leaf clearance visit from GP Plantscape to ensure your site is winter ready.

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