Simple pots, maximum effect

April 21, 2020

With heaps of April sunshine, we’ve leapt into spring, and while countless amateur gardeners are becoming experts sprucing up their gardens during lock down, office exterior landscapes continue to require care and attention too – ready to welcome employees back to work.

Ensuring the building and its surroundings are maintained and in prime condition for the returners is a top priority right now for facilities managers, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to think about exterior improvements that will be noticed and appreciated.

One simple way to incorporate colour and variety into the landscape, and instantly improve the image of a building, is to add exterior planters.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, just adding a few units to key areas adds diversity and interest. Ideal spots include entrance ways, the corner of a path or paved area, adjacent to external seating or on stair landings.

Fiberstone is an increasing popular material for pots due to its high quality, lightweight and low maintenance and although we’re talking outdoors here, these planters will look fantastic indoors too.

A wide variety of shapes and sizes are available, ensuring there’s a container to fit every nook and cranny and the simplicity of the designs bring a timeless quality, complemented by the plants they show off.

Of course, the container is only half the display and the final effect will be largely dependent on the planting type you choose. Grasses can provide a calming presence and appear wild and natural, whilst flowering shrubs add colour and manicured hedges a more ornamental look.

Exterior planters can also provide a functionality – these barrier planters improve safety on a site as well as provide a decorative feature.


As many of us are beginning to appreciate the natural environment, attention to exterior grounds is becoming a higher priority, offering teams an escape from the office and allowing businesses the opportunity to demonstrate a consideration for both employees’ mental health and the great outdoors.

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