Introducing Wonderwall

September 26, 2017

Wonderwall is an innovative green wall alternative, new to the market place, combining architecture and interior planting.

You may be familiar with the biophilia hypothesis which suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, a hypothesis that you can read more about in our previous blog. It follows then, that introducing plants into an interior space is an obvious way of bringing nature indoors and satisfying our inherent need to view greenery, which in turn has resulted in much progression in planter design, from the white classic circular containers of the 1980’s.

Wonderwall is a stunning example of the progression of design within the interior planter market. Suitable for wall fixing or as a stand alone display, each individual Wonderwall comes what 4 planters which can then be split down to blocks of 2, or combine as many blocks of 4 as you like to create a stunning tower feature as shown above.

Using planters as barriers has become fashionable in many contemporary office and home situations, creating privacy in office spaces or a focal point with greenery incorporated. The Wonderwall is an ideal solution for situations where divisions are required but with a softer impact. Plants also have sound absorption qualities which increases their impact as a way of creating seclusion.

Sleek and compact, the Wonderwall is 1m long and up to 80cm high, with 4 in a block and is available in white, grey and yellow.



Could Wonderwall be the solution you are looking for? For more information please give us a call to arrange an appointment for one of our Contracts Managers to pop in and see you.