Plant a book under the Christmas tree

December 11, 2019

At GP Plantscape we like to immerse ourselves in all things plants, including books about greenery. So, if you’re after some last-minute inspiration for Christmas gifts, to leave under the tree for the indoor plant enthusiast in your life, here are some suggestions from some of the cool publications we have come across recently.

RHS Practical House Plant Book


Dorling Kindersley Limited


This step-by-step guide to indoor plants is perfect for beginners as well as those who want to expand their existing knowledge of their tropical house mates. The book gives advice on how to design plants into your interior décor and provides suggestions for more unusual house plant projects, including how to create your own macramé hanger, a living space divider and moss picture frame. With 175 detailed plant profiles and a guide to care and cultivation, it’s a one stop shop to get you started and beyond. With beautiful illustrations, this volume is a fantastic reference guide that also looks good on the coffee table.

How to Make Your Plant Love You


Optimism Press


When Summer Rayne moved from rural Pennsylvania to Brooklyn, she couldn’t imagine a long-term city existence, full of concrete and glass. But the environmental communicator and houseplant expert found a way and now shares her home with over 1,000 plants. In her thoroughly researched book, Rayne explains our need as humans to connect with nature and urges the reader to take time to notice the plants that surround us, observe them and think about the world from a plant’s perspective.  This thought provoking read, uses inspiring real-life examples to demonstrate the health and psychological benefits which can result from interacting and building a relationship with our plants in the 21st century.

How Not to kill Your Houseplant – Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged


Dorling Kindersley Limited


With a light-hearted and engaging approach, this guide to keeping indoor plants healthy, is packed with advice.  It’s full of help for green thumbed fanatics, to spot symptoms of poorly plants and more importantly, how to save them. A lovely feature of this A5 sized book are the pages listing the top 5 plants best suited for different rooms in the house and varying environmental conditions. Like all good plant books, it details common names as well as the more formal Latin titles and has a handy ‘basics’ section at the beginning. A lovely stocking filler for lovers of indoor gardens.

Wild at Home


Cico Books


Be inspired by one man’s passion for greenery. This volume contains some stunning photography, reflecting Hilton Carter’s desire to bring the wild into his home as he highlights the positive benefits of living in the presence of plants. The plant stylist author shares imaginative methods of introducing greenery, in the right varieties, into the home, showcasing some of his designs in a Home Tours chapter. It’s not all about design though, Carter also includes plant care tips, from potting to pest control.