Plants in a Picture

April 4, 2017

LivePicture® is simply that, a picture that is living, containing plants which flourish to deliver stunning effects. This innovation combines design with nature to provide an eye catching solution for any interior office space or reception.



An ideal solution if you have minimal space for plant pots within your environment the frame comes in a variety of colours and sizes. The standard colours available are white, anthracite and silver but colour wrapping can be provided on request to match interior design or corporate colours for example.

The simple yet stylish frame contains a watering system and reservoir to ensure that the plants are watered every 4 – 6 weeks and requires no electric power. It can be easily fixed to any wall using just a few screws.

The picture itself comprises a plant cassette system which is exchangeable and therefore can be changed to reflect seasons or for special occasions.

Available in 5 sizes, LivePicture® you will find the size to suit your space.

Click below on the video link below to see just how simple it is to install.

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