What’s hot in our firework desk bowl

October 29, 2019

Fireworks is the theme for our November monthly flowering desk bowl – a collection of ‘hot’ tropical plants.

Firework Bowl

Every month we get asked about the individual tropical plants within the arrangements,  so for those with a passion for plants and a thirst for knowledge, here is the low-down on this month’s ‘fiery’ flowers.

Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’

This gorgeous bromeliad actually looks like a fire work with its flaming red stem and contrasting blue and white flowers. With its spiky appearance this plant makes a statement and flowers will thrive for several months. Like many tropical plants it enjoys a warm and humid atmosphere.

Origin: Brazil

Vriesea ‘Multiflower Shannon’ and Vriesea Elan

The pointed bracts of the bromeliad like plant appear to be firing straight up into the air for the 5th of November. Its preference is partial sun, in a warm spot. While vriesea originate from the tropics, they seem to be able to cope with a lack of humidity common in our homes and offices.


Other common names for the anthurium are the flamingo flower or the tail flower. If your keeping this beauty at home it likes a bright, humid atmosphere, so a bright bathroom is ideal, but keep it away from radiators and direct sunlight.

Croton Mammi

The thick, shiny leaves of the Croton Mammi display a wide variety of colours to complement the firework theme. Enjoying warm and humid atmospheres, crotons don’t like fluctuating temperatures. Some direct sun and bright light are on order to bring out the best leaf colour.

Top tip: You can mist the leaves in warm weather or if the plant is in a warm room.


With clusters of pretty flowers, the Kalanchoe likes plenty of light and to be nice and warm – as it is native to Madagascar. If you spot brown patches on the leaves however, this may be sunburn and it’s best to move your plant to an area with less direct sunlight. These succulents are available all year round, with flowers lasting around eight weeks.

GP Plantscape customers receiving a monthly flowering desk bowl are treated to twelve fresh colourful displays every year.