Winter Weather Preparedness

October 10, 2017

The beautiful colours of the external landscape indicate that autumn has arrived in all its glory and whilst we all realise that this is the prelude to the inevitable winter weather to come, it’s easy to forget about the outdoor climate once you’ve crossed the threshold into the office  and face the operational challenges of the day. However, winter is looming and if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get your winter services contract in place.

GP Plantscape’s proactive winter service commences on 1st November, a mere three weeks away and here’s how it works:

Weather Forecasts

Being registered to the Met Office, Gold Quality Mark demonstrates that GP Plantscape are using the most accurate forecasts available on the market place. Each day GP is sent the Open Road Weather forecast with the hourly forecast for each weather cluster for contracted sites which is uploaded directly to our bespoke app, generating a visit schedule for that day based on your chosen temperature threshold.

Visiting your site

We will notify you each day before 4pm to advise if attendance is required and subsequently if a visit is made we will notify you with the visit details on visit completion. At each visit we will proceed to grit your site in accordance with a pre-agreed marked plan. Furthermore we provide a 24 hour contact number to all our clients during the winter season.

Kit and Machinery

At GP we have a wide range of kit and machinery to service the winter requirements of all our customers including snow ploughs, gritters, pedestrian push ploughs and salt applicators.

Securing the services of a winter contractor can minimise the disruption to your operation throughout the winter months by allowing your staff, customers and visitors:

  • Ease of vehicular access around your site during the winter period.
  • Parking in clear bays
  • Ease of foot access around your site

    All minimising the risk of accidents and interruptions to operations.

So before you have to start scraping the car windscreen in the morning, call GP Plantscape to set up you’re winter services contract and minimise the disruption to your operation that winter can bring. Your winter services contract is just a telephone call away. For full details please call us on 01555 663234.