Make staff smile this Christmas

September 7, 2021

As more people head back to the workplace and we approach the festive season it’s time to start thinking about preparations for office decorations… or maybe not as the case may be.

Workplaces are getting busier, but capacities may never again reach pre-March 2020 levels as we move to hybrid working models. It’s understandable therefore that facilities managers may consider cutting back on the office Christmas tree this year, but beware embracing any Scrooge like tendencies and think first about the potential benefits of embracing the festive season with high spirts this year.

Putting up the office Christmas tree is a huge opportunity to show your employees how much you care. After working from home for months on end, staff in many organisations are jumping at the chance of returning to the office, even if it’s only on a flexible basis, to break the monotony of the past 18 months, engage in a bit of social interaction, put lock downs behind them and get on with their job in a more ‘normal’ fashion. As employees walk through the front door once more it will be important to make them feel welcome and looked after. Never again might the prospect arise to recreate that first impression and with offices devoid of visitors, staff will be in no doubt that any festive decorations are for their benefit alone, making them feel valued and boosting morale in the process. Installing your Christmas tree can therefore be a demonstrative exhibit of appreciation for the commitment and effort team members have displayed during the pandemic and beyond.

From gratitude to joy, Christmas decorations can generate a whole range of emotions. After almost two years of COVID-19 hitting the headlines, it’s high time we had something to smile about and what better way than by adding a bit of glitter and sparkle to the office. With Christmas all but cancelled in 2020, people will be keen to celebrate this festive season and while the office Christmas party might be a step too far for some to contemplate, a glittery tree in the foyer will bring a sense of excitement and happiness at the prospect of a rosier future on the horizon.

While tomorrow may look brighter, the gloomy days of November and December are ahead of us and sprucing the place up with Christmas decorations will brighten up the office environment through the darker months. Many workplaces could do with a splash of colour and the glowing lights on the tree can bring warmth and comfort when daylight is in short supply.

Live or artificial, the presence of some greenery alongside desks can create that all important connection to nature we humans yearn for. Research has proven the many positive benefits to be gained from integrating plants into the office environment including a reduction in stress levels, increased productivity and cut in absence rates. With less opportunity to get out and about during the winter, a simple Christmas tree, beautifully decorated, can stimulate our nature loving senses and improve wellbeing.

So, as we march towards December will you be cutting back on Christmas decorations or will you be reaping the rewards of splashing out on festive trees and trimmings at work?

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