Benefits of exterior grounds maintenance

February 17, 2021

Exterior landscaping doesn’t often appear at the top of the priority list when it comes to building management, but just to prove it isn’t superficial, here are some of the benefits of ensuring your grounds are well maintained.

First impressions

When a customer comes calling, they need to drive through the exterior grounds, park and walk into the building before they even speak to anyone.  Imagine being greeted by weeds, litter, dead plants or unruly hedges. In such cases, even if a small fortune has been spent on interior furnishings, it is immediately devalued as that all important first impression has already been well and truly formed. Consider in contrast, neatly mown grass, trimmed hedges, clean paths, flowering planters and visibly signage, creating an altogether more lucrative impact on a visiting customer.

Employee attraction and retention

Do you want to attract the best talent out there? Well work on the same principal as looking good for your customers. Potential employees can’t see inside your offices, so think about what they can see by ensuring the outside is looking it’s best. It follows that a well looked after workplace will give existing employees another reason to stay put.

Mental health

Employers are more focused than ever before on supporting the mental health of their employees. With a recent study finding that a weekly visit to a green space leads to better mental and physical health, one way to boost your team’s wellbeing is to provide an accessible attractive exterior environment. So, spaces that can accommodate outdoor meetings or be enjoyed during break times can be a worthwhile investment. With proven links between nature and happiness leading to a more productive workforce, a picnic area or perimeter walkway could be winners for both Company and employee.

Health and safety

If aesthetics isn’t the top objective for a facilities manager, health and safety will be up there and putting in place a comprehensive grounds maintenance package can help minimise accidents on site. Slips and trips can be avoided by clearing and cleaning slippery paths, cutting back over hanging vegetation and fixing uneven slabs. While low hanging trees or overgrown hedging can obscure signage and vision presenting a hazard for vehicular movements.

Cost savings

Blocked drains, potholes and pests can all be expensive to rectify and are just a few of the costs that could be avoided or reduced with a proactive exterior grounds maintenance programme. Potential problems can be eliminated or identified early and planned into the maintenance budget, removing the threat of substantial one-off jobs being required to tackle an unexpected headache.

Although many of our office spaces are currently underutilised, as spring approaches nature will continue to thrive. So, don’t let your exterior grounds become unkempt or neglected now, when hopefully a return to the office is in the not-too-distant future.