Biophilic Office Design

February 23, 2015

Biophilia is defined as our ‘love of life or living systems’, a link which has been demonstrated through many studies over the years.

The importance of this bond has been further upheld in a more recent study by Human Spaces and Professor Sir Cary Cooper, which highlights the impact of biophilia in the workplace, finding that incorporating aspects of nature into office design yields significant benefits.

The cross country study found that biophilic design leads to positive impacts on job performance, health and concentration and in turn reducing anxiety and stress, resulting in lower staff turnover and sickness rates.

Furthermore studies have shown that where natural elements are incorporated into design customers will spend more in a retails environment, there has been an increase in academic performance amongst students and patients demonstrate a speedier recovery process.

It’s not by accident then that companies like Google realise the positive impact that biophilic desTop 5 elements people want to see in worplaceign within the working environment contributes towards their high performance.

Interior plants and green walls are an important element of biophilic design featuring in the top 5 elements most wanted in the office. Not only do they provide a natural element to the environment and enhance the aesthetic value of the office, interior plants can also provide sound absorption, have air filtering qualities, absorb toxins in the atmosphere and can improve humidity.

However, perhaps one of the most interesting conclusion of this study is that office design has significant sub conscious effect on employee productivity, well being and creativity.  The report concludes that ‘office works may not consciously feel that design affects their workplace choice, but actually it does.’ We have a innate need to connect to nature and although we might not realise it and at the moment according to the report many of us are deprived of any natural influence in our working environment.

At GP Plantscape we have invested in conducting our own study into the benefits of plants in the working environment and have over 20 years experience in installing and maintaining live interior plants into commercial environments. For more information on how GP Plantscape can assist in the biophilic design of your workplace please contact us at