Bringing Nature into Spectrum’s Offices


Spectrum Service Solutions are an acclaimed and reputable company that specialise in contract cleaning and facilities management. They tailor services to the specific business needs of the customers, ensuring a high quality of service and dedicated workforce.

Over time we have worked closely with Spectrum in delivering exterior landscaping and interior plant services for their clients so it was the obvious choice to collaborate again when they were moving into their new custom designed offices at Westpoint Business Park in Paisley.

The aim for the interior plant displays was to match each display with the brand new interior of the offices. We individually chose pieces for each space that was unique to its surroundings however still created a sense of continuity through out the entire building.

With various sized units from one of our  favourite ranges, our polystone range, we furnished the foyer and cabinet tops, including our polystone stone rock boat as the focal point on the main reception desk. Sara Speirs, the managing director at Spectrum, when on a client visit had previously seen the rock boat and recognising it as a GP Plantscape container and planting had specifically requested it for her new reception. 

Other spaces were completed with a banana oval which is an eye catching light-weight container made with dried abaca leaf and a high end hand made aluminium container  which has a hammered effect across its surface creating an unusual finish. The choices were made to compliment Sara's affinity for nature and we hope that the combination of containers and planting chosen brought a little nature into Spectrum's new home.






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