Dinosaurs in Lanark

June 25, 2021

In their most terrifying installation yet, GP Plantscape’s installation team have been wrestling prehistoric creatures in Lanark town centre.

The giant beasts are part of a free dinosaur trail opening in Lanark and New Lanark World Heritage Site today, 26 June, running until 29 August.

Event organiser, Antonia Pompa, Discover Lanark (BID) manager, enlisted the services of GP Plantscape to create dinosaur habitats in the town centre and to manoeuvre the ancient creatures into position.

Antonia said: “I knew that the town centre and New Lanark would look really different.

“At New Lanark, they have the Stegosaurus with the Falls of Clyde in the background and other dinosaurs in the trees, but in Lanark we were relying on GP to make the scenes.

“We didn’t want the dinosaurs just sitting on the pavement.”

With three separated dinosaur viewing areas in the town centre, the GP team began with constructing and building fences to keep the fierce reptiles at bay.

Mechanical power was called for to manoeuvre the main attractions into place, but sheer brawn was the order of the day when settling the five-meter Brachiosaurus into his new home between buildings.

Drew Walker, installations and nursey supervisor, said: “Putting the neck in was a bit tricky.

“It took five of us, because of the height and it was top heavy, to get it in place.

Over 100 artificial grass arrangements were created and installed, adding fibre glass rocks to give the territory a ‘prehistoric’ feel.

And while it might not exactly replicate the landscape of 200 million years ago – a layer of bark was applied to provide a natural finish.

Finally, to complete the attraction, the Jurassic Lanark gates, hand built at GP, were erected.

As covers were lifted this morning to reveal the collection which includes an animatronics T-Rex,  Allosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptors, a Dromaeosaurs and many more, families flocked to the high street to catch a glimpse of the ancient animals.

A successful launch for the Discover Lanark initiative.

Antonia Pompa said: “We [Discover Lanark] are here to support business by increasing footfall and by encouraging new people to come to Lanark, or those who haven’t been for a while and to explore the town.

“Secondly, we want to create links between Lanark and New Lanark and encourage people to go between the two.”

Families can follow in the steps of these ancient creatures by picking up a trail map from Tollbooth Lanark, from 10am to 5pm, or from the Mill Café at New Lanark World Heritage Site, open Monday to Friday from 11am to 4.30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Alternatively, dinosaur hunters can download the LoyaltyFree app HERE for free and follow the trail digitally.

Once the trail is completed, the intrepid dinosaur hunters can head to the Tollbooth or New Lanark mill Café to collect their Jurassic Lanark badge to prove they have lived to tell the tale.

The trail is open to 29 August, so there is plenty of time to work up the courage to face the prehistoric monsters.