Draw staff back with plants

December 10, 2020

Is your organisation making plans to return to the office in 2021 and if so, how are you going to encourage teams back to the working environment?

‘Greening’ your workplace is one way to turn your interior into a fresh, vibrant space that might just entice your staff to make the commute.

While working from home has allowed many of us to continue operations throughout the global health crisis, home working creates its own challenges, and a significant proportion of business are looking to encourage teams back to the office in some form in 2021.

In a recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey, of businesses not permanently stopped trading, 67% responded that they did not intend to use increased homeworking as a permanent business model going forward.

Face-to-face communication, improved team working, and ease of people management are just some of the advantages to be reaped when employees get together for at least part of their working week.

But many of us have become used to our home comforts and according to a YouGov survey, the majority of British employees now working from home will be reluctant to go back to leave their home office when the pandemic has abated.

Being Covid-19 secure will be top of the list in office preparations but providing an attractive workspace might also be necessary to tempt employees back to their desks.

Greenery can help.


Show you care

It needn’t be an urban ‘jungle’, a few strategically placed plants can speak volumes when it comes to displaying appreciation for your team. By installing even some small plants, you can lift people’s spirits after a very difficult year. The positive health benefits of plants have been well publicised and their addition to the workplace can demonstrate an employer’s concern for the well-being of its staff.

Home away from home

How attractive is your office? If your office environment could be doing with a bit of an overhaul employees are less likely to want to rush back after enjoying the comforts of their own home for months. A tastefully decorated and comfortable space on the other hand might be enough to swing people’s attitudes, so they want to embrace the opportunity to break the monotony and grab a change of scenery. The addition of plants can give your office space a more relaxed and homely feel.

Creating natural barriers

Incorporating plants as barriers can help to break down obstacles to working together, built during the pandemic. In open plan offices, plants can be used to create divisions between individual workspaces, helping to alleviate some of the anxiety around social distancing at work.

Incorporating plants in interior design is a cost-effective way of sprucing up your office space to create a safe and

inviting working and meeting space for employees.

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