Flamingo flower power

February 25, 2021

To make a statement, look no further than the Anthurium andraeanum.

The Columbian beauty will draw second glances with it’s large, arrow shaped, shiny leaves and contrasting colourful, waxy, heart shaped bracks, with an amazing spike.

This plant has such a big personality, we think that it contrasts beautifully with a simply designed pot.

Commonly known as the Flamingo flower, it is better known in Japan as Naughty Boy.

Hailing from the tropics, the anthurium prefers a nice humid environment, so will feel quite at home in the bathroom and with a fine mist spray now and again, it might just imagine it’s back in the jungle.

The bracks of the Flamingo flower will remain for a long time and although most commonly found in red and pink, you can also come across varieties in cool white shades and sultry, dark red, almost black. To maximise flowering, keep it in a well-lit spot, but it’s best not to leave them in direct sunlight. So, if it stops flowering it probably needs either a bit more light or a little fertiliser.

Although they love the warmth and are happiest when the temperature is around 20-22°C, avoid placing the plant near a hot radiator or in a draught.

Make sure to water your anthurium regularly, but don’t over water. As a guide in the winter, it can be watered once a week and, in the summer, twice a week. Really, if the soil feels dry to touch it could do with a drink but be careful not to overwater as it can be susceptible to root rot.

Finally, feed your Flamingo flower once a month to keep it in prime condition and contributing to your indoor air quality.

If you have any anthurium related questions, please get in touch.

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