Green divisions keep friendships keen

September 8, 2021

LiveDivider PLUS by Mobilaine is a new, green room divider giving the ability to flexibly define spaces within workplaces. And with the popularity of houseplants soaring during lock down, this vertical planter provides the ideal solution to create separation in offices that will be welcomed by your team members.

If you have any kind of facilities management responsibility, integrating staff back to the office safely while we are still in the midst of a pandemic will be a top priority. Installing LiveDivider PLUS will mean that you can help your employees feel comfortable and safe returning to work, by erecting physical divisions to allow social distancing. Not only that, it will introduce a stylish, natural element into the environment.

With plants on both sides, the divider not only functions as a wall but also provides the significant benefits which come from incorporating greenery into the indoor environment, including increased productivity, reduction of stress and absenteeism, enhancement of overall well-being and improvement of indoor air quality.

From our recent experience, plants in cabinet tops continue to trend in office installations and refurbishments, but not all offices have the space for such permanent furniture. If maintaining flexibility is key and you would like a partition which saves on space and can be moved the LiveDivider PLUS is a more flexible natural option. With different employees popping in and out the office and more meetings and events taking place the free-standing unit can easily be moved to the most suitable location depending on the situation. It also gives you the option to chop and change the office round a bit if you fancy. One word of warning though, before moving the LiveDivider PLUS always check with your interior plant technician to ensure its new location is suitable for your plants. Remember plants are alive and need room, the right temperature, light, water, air and nutrients to grow.

With a vast choice of tropical planting to choose from, you can create your own individual design for your divider or let our experts help you build a lush covering that will deliver impact and individuality.

Available in white and black and made from sustainable materials, the unit comes with a base and a modular system built on top which can be used in combinations of one, two or three units, giving you the ability to raise and lower the height of the barrier.

To separate a desk or decorate a cabinet top, the LiveDivider PLUS 1 is ideal, while LiveDivider PLUS 2 and LiveDivider PLUS 3 are more suited to floor standing situations – the choice between the two being dependent on the amount of privacy you wish to create.

As an approved supplier and installer of the LiveDivider PLUS we would love to meet and have a chat with you to find out more about your requirements for this new flexible space definer if you think it fits the bill.