Gritting crews poised for winter

November 3, 2020

The return of short days and long, dark nights signal the start of the gritting season.

Whilst we can’t predict what the weather has in store for us this winter, we can be certain that sub-zero temperatures will be a feature in the forecast over the coming months, with the possibility of snow as a further disruption.

As temperatures drop, focus turns to keeping staff and visitors safe on site, at the same time reducing any potential disruption to operations.

By choosing a proactive winter services, facilities managers have peace of mind these priorities will be addressed, ensuring safe access to site at all times.

But what does a GP Plantscape ‘Winter Services’ contract entail?

Weather monitoring

While you focus on your operation, GP Plantscape will monitor the weather forecast. We subscribe to Met Office, OpenSite™ – road surface forecasts for the specific sites we maintain, providing accurate and reliable weather predictions.

Site attendance

If the forecasted temperature for a site breaches the minimum temperature threshold we have agreed (normally 1°C) at the outset of the contract, our teams will automatically carry out a gritting visit in the early hours. So, there is no need for you to call us out. You can head to work at your normal time, safe in the knowledge your site will have been attended before staff are scheduled to arrive. You will however be given a 24 hour help line number to call should you require to contact us out of hours.

What surfaces will we grit?

You decide. At the beginning of the contract we will provide you with a red line drawing of your site and agree the areas you would like to be included. It can incorporate pedestrian walkways, car parks, loading bays etc – to enable safe pedestrian and vehicular movement around your grounds.

Electronic notification

All our teams carry I-pads and you will send an electronic confirmation of your completed scheduled gritting visit.

Attendance days

5,6 or 7 days a week, you choose the service option you require depending on your hours of operation.

What if it snows?

While freezing temperatures can be tackled early in the morning, snow is less predictable and can fall at any time of day. Normally we deal with snow fall on our clients sites throughout the day on a rota basis, but if you choose to take our enhanced snow clearing service, we will dedicate equipment and labour to your site and be on standby to attend when the bad weather hits, ensuring safe and easy access is provided.

For 20 years, GP Plantscape have been delivering winter services to commercial clients throughout the UK. We have a wide range of specialised kit and machinery to attend to sites of all sizes and hold extensive stocks of high-quality rock salt which is extremely effective with minimal residue.

Download our winter brochure here or give us a call to discuss our winter services further on 0808 100 3120.