Light and Bright at Holyrood Park House


Holyrood Park House is a new-build speculative office development in a sought after city centre location next to the new Scottish Parliament.

The accommodation comprises 47,000 sqft split over five floors providing high quality flexible open plan office floorplates benefiting from dramatic views to Holyrood Road and the parliament from the front and Holyrood Park from the rear.

The tight spatial constraints of the site provide challenges in achieving a clean and bright look. GP Plantscape have helped to open the space up using various interior planting displays in different shapes and sizes. Using 3 tall aluminium containers with bright planting spaced equally up the entrance wall creates an illusion of length and a bright and welcoming area.

A tall bright red contemporary desk bowl planted with a matching red guzmania placed on the waiting/visitor area table injects colour into the space. The layering of the desk bowl and the tall aluminium container placed in the window planted with the unusual Polyscias cleverly lets the light filter through in the reception without making the area dark or crowded.

Using a variation of different heights of containers and different heights and colours of plants fills the space with vitality and colour without compromising on the natural  light. We worked closely with Anthony Naylor the building manager of Holyrood Park House to achieve a look that fitted with the building and to create an area as  he now describes as "marvellously imaginatively professional"



Holyrood Park House

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