Ice warning

November 3, 2021

As winter quickly approaches, GP Plantscape have been installing ice warning signs on over 30 of our customer sites.

With our gritting teams poised to begin providing pro-active gritting and snow clearing services to reduce the risk of slips on ice, frost or snow, HSE guidance highlights the use of smart signage as a tool to warn pedestrians and drivers of potential icy surfaces.

The battery powered signs are fitted with flashing LEDS which are triggered when the temperature reaches 3°c or below.

Ideal for warning both pedestrians and drivers, the super bright blue LED lights can be picked up in the peripheral vision, providing an early warning of ice on surfaces.

Featuring the ISO standard ice crystal warning design, the signs can be customised to incorporate your company logo.

Maintenance of the signs is minimal, with replacement batteries required every two to three years.

To reduce the risk of ice, a risk assessment and system to manage the maintenance of surfaces during the winter months is key and while the incorporation of smart signs can provide a cost-effective early warning system, they should be used in conjunction with a pro-active ice management procedure.

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