Make your business sparkle

September 2, 2020

At this time of year, attention turns to preparation for the festive season. Schools have returned following the summer break, there’s a hint of autumn in the air and tubs of Quality Street and Roses have suddenly appeared in giant towers at supermarket entrances.

But in the midst of a global pandemic, are you planning to put up a Christmas tree in the office this year?

With a significant proportion of the population still working from home, plans to spruce up the work environment for the festive period might not be top of the agenda. Offices may not be running at full capacity, but this year the Christmas tree could be more important than ever.  A festive environment adorned with garlands, wreaths and twinkling lights on the Christmas tree is hugely uplifting. It can bring a sense of joy and happiness, feelings that are especially vital to inspire in our teams this festive season, as we draw to a close one of the most turbulent years in living memory.

With mass seasonal gatherings cancelled, limits on our social interaction and the options for planning an office celebration limited, installing office Christmas decorations is one of the few traditional ways of demonstrating appreciation for staff and celebrating the festive period at work during the pandemic.

In a matter of weeks, the clocks will change, bringing an end to British Summer Time and the onslaught of dark mornings and darker nights. Christmas decorations bring warmth and sparkle, not just to your teams, but to passers-by, sending out a message of optimism and positivity – critical as we rebuild business confidence in the wake of coronavirus.

In March, life as we knew it changed and for six month. We have had to adjust to the new ‘normal’ and that shift has been difficult. Many of your employees will not have had a holiday, will have missed events and gatherings they were looking forward to and may feel anxious, even depressed about what the future holds. Festooning the office with Christmas décor is a simple but highly effective way to raise spirits and bring staff together in universal celebration.

So lets light up this Christmas and welcome 2021 in style.

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