New reception area at Atrium Court

Atrium Court is one of Glasgow's best known landmark buildings providing high quality office accommodation in a city centre location.  The office accommodation is spread over 6 floors and centres round a main atrium.

New feature bed at Atrium Court

New feature bed at Atrium Court

GP Plantscape have been providing interior landscaping services at Atrium Court  for several years so when the reception area was refurbished at the beginning of 2015 we were delighted to be able to provide the new interior landscaping solution for the fixtures in the entrance area.

Glasgow’s C2 Concepts were responsible for the interior design of the new reception area and we worked closely with David MacIntyre from C2 to create the required effect of the interior plants.

In a complete transformation, what once was a water feature is now an eye catching built in feature bed.  Clever use of succulent plants such as Aloe Vera and Ficus Ginseng creates a clean and modern bed to seamlessly match C2 Concepts design. The use of polished mixed Chinese cobbles laid in sweeps highlights the design lines between planted groups and the surrounding plum slate adds a decorative and contemporary top dressing.  To create a delicate finishing touch and to blend the planted groups a preserved moss was used, apart from the visual effects another benefit to using the moss is that it helps to retain water in the soil which keeps all the other plants healthy!

This fixture bed in Atrium court was planted using our own mix of GP Green Recycled compost.

Atrium Court – New Fixed Feature Bed

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