Tree Services

Keeping your staff safe and your environment free of obstruction

Tree services require specialist skills. At GP Plantscape we bring together internal team members with this particular expertise to form a highly skilled resource to deal with your tree requests, whether it be storm damage, thinning of woodland area, felling of trees, cutting out decaying patches or canopy reduction.

As part of our service we will:

  • Conduct risk assessments and adhere to all health and safety requirements
  • Inspect for nesting birds
  • Organise road closures and tree preservations orders where required

Green Waste Material

During tree operations a chipper may be utilised on site, as branches can be chipped and either spread or piled in a designated area. These chippings can then subsequently be used for ground cover or bio fuel. Larger branches can be cut into lengths and stacked in triangles to create a bio diversity area encouraging the natural habitat whilst smaller more manageable logs can also be cut for your future use.

Any material which needs to be removed from site following tree works will be taken to our green recycling plant where it is processed into an organic compost.

Tree Surveys

Tree surveys and woodland management plans can be conducted which may highlight areas where tree works are required perhaps to thin out an area of woodland where undergrowth is being suppressed or to remove rouge trees to encourage the growth of natural broad leaf trees.