Seven spooky plants to add some shiver

October 30, 2020

If your looking to get creative with your Halloween displays this year, why not add some scary foliage to spice things up? Here are 7 spine tingling vegetation suggestions to incorporate in your ghostly displays.

1. Epipremnum – Devil’s Ivy

Also commonly known as the Scindapsus, it is named Devil’s Ivy because its almost impossible to kill, even when you keep in dark, scary places it stays green. It’s lush, heart shape leaves, grow on training stems, perfect for flowing from the head of a pumpkin, or adding hair to a mysterious monster.

2. Sansevieria – Snake Plant

Another common houseplant which can bring a sinister feel to a supernatural display is the Sansevieria. Snakes are commonly associated with Halloween and with it’s upright, pointy leaves the Sansevieria is widely known as the Snake Plant and will add a prickly dimension to an exhibit.

3. Chrlorophytum – Spider Plant

The spider is the ultimate Halloween creepy-crawly due to its connection with witches, so we couldn’t leave out the Chrlophytum, AKA the Spider Plant. The long, thin, variegated leaves resemble the spindly legs of the spider varieties that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end when you see them scuttling across the floor or clinging to their web.

4. Anthurium Black Beauty

Want to add a bit of class to your display this 31 October, then why not hunt down an Anthurium Black Beauty. This particular variety of the Anthurium, boasts beautiful black flowers and together with its shiny green leaves it appears both elegant and mysterious, just like an evil Queen.

5. Nepenthes – Monkey cups

Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty, introducing some carnivorous plants. The bright, dazzling colours and elaborate traps of the Nepenthes serve to attract unsuspecting prey – perfect for an ‘wicked’ themed display. Incorporating this fiendish plant could even help deal with some of those creepy spiders.

6. Dionaea Muscipula – Venus Fly Trap

If you want something that looks like it’s just stepped out of a monster movie then this is your plant. When an insect crawls along the leaf, touching the hairs, it triggers the trap to shut if the insect enters – devious! The traps with their sharp teeth and bright colour, bring a menacing element to the plant world.

7. Crassula ‘Hottentot’

Finally, this lovely little succulent would make a superb squirmy addition to the ultimate Halloween exhibition. You can just imagine the fleshy leaves, writhing like a potful of worms, even better if you hang them overhead. Imagine if one should fall down your back!

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