Stay Planted

April 28, 2020

Right now, as many of us ‘stay home’, it is essential we look after our mental and physical well being as best we can – plants can help.

Research over the years has proven plants bring significant benefits – from Dr Bill Wolverton’s, NASA studies, discovering that plants absorb toxins in the air through photosynthesis, to more recent research demonstrating the ability of greenery to keep us calm and reduce stress levels.

Green Plants for Green Buildings, a US non-profit organisation ‘dedicated to putting nature in every room’ has designed a #StayPlanted infographic to remind us of the important role plants can play in our wellbeing.

The #StayPlanted initiative is encouraging everyone to place plants in windows and share pictures on social media of how greenery has been beneficial during lockdown.

“Most people love their indoor plants for how they look, but many don’t realise the huge health benefits that come from access to plants and greenery,” said Mike Senneff, president of Green Plants for Green Buildings .

The #StayPlanted initiative has also revealed how plants can provide green-leafed companionship during social isolation.

“My plants have become my extended family,” said Maya Puller, college student and self-described plant lover. “I acknowledge their needs, treat them kindly and most importantly, love them. In return they provide me with beautiful foliage. They simply make me happy!”

By placing plants in windows and sharing pictures and personal stories, #StayPlanted hopes to provide encouragement for others while sharing a bit of joy.

We would love for you to share your own COVID-19 ‘plant’ story tagging #gpplantscape.

And for the future, plants will continue to play a vital role in creating a healthier working environment and could play a crucial role in encouraging your teams back to work. Food for thought.