The Pyramids Business Park

Occupying a strategic central location in the heart of Scotland’s business environment, the Pyramids Business Park offers high quality warehouse and office facilities and unrivalled ease of access. GP Plantscape provide interior plant maintenance at the Pyramids Business Park for Lambert Smith Hampton, having installed the interior landscaping and maintained the plants since 2003.


A focal point in the centre of the building is an atrium area which has high light levels and features high quality stainless steel planters of varying sizes planted with a mixture of Yucca, Schefflera Compacta, Gold Capella and a branched Marginata.

A restaurant area for communal use is provided in the business park with planted fixtures but also installed are tall tapered square units to bring colour and feature to the coffee bar and separate the main restaurant from coffee bar. Furthermore a range of GP’s functional green bins planted with mixed green low level foliage.

Classic circular units planted with varied varieties of plant add texture and a natural element to the three break out areas whilst first floor high level fixtures are planted with a variety of material including – Ficus, Liriope grass, Yucca, Schefflera compacta, Philodendron Bip.

In a final break out area called Barcelona Square we have installed cubis units planted with Sansevieria to provide a sleek contemporary feel.

Two ficus benjamina greet visitors in the main reception as they arrive, adorned with lights during the festive season and in the staff reception a flowering monthly bowl features. This is all completed with various displays throughout the business park to soften and naturalise areas.

Some of the original planting installed in 2003 is still place in the fixture areas within this scheme and through attentive maintenance the displays have matured to stunning specimens to enhance the open spaces in the building. The maturity and quality of these plants is testimony to the expertise displayed in the in the maintenance over the past 14 years.

Hugh Devine, Building Manager at the Pyramids Business Park is delighted with the quality of the interior landscaping within the building where we also install large scale festive displays each year.

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