Biodiversity describes the full range of plant and animal life that lives co-dependently in and around any habitat. The wider the range of plants and animals living within any given area the more diverse it is said to be resulting in a healthy and more robust natural habitat.

In a commercial environment creating and maintaining bio diverse landscapes makes financial and ethical sense. As part your Environmental management System it contributes to your wider local environment and demonstrates social responsibility.

First Steps

GP Plantscape can conduct a full bio diversity survey of your environment, providing an in depth report detailing potential actions to improve biodiversity, furthermore giving advice on impacts of each aspect. The report is for your consideration to prioritise actions according to impacts and budgets.

Next steps

Creating biodiversity in your environment can range from erecting a bird box to creating a bio diversity garden with a myriad of options in between. After making a decision on the elements of the bio diversity plan to be implemented, GP Plantscape, can install and maintain your bio diverse landscape.

Biodiversity can be:

  • Planting a wild flower meadow
  • Erecting bird and/or bat boxes
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Creating a vegetable garden
  • Creating rocky habitats

The list goes on….

GP Plantscape can also support biodiversity initiatives by providing information to support the bio diversity initiatives which can be used to promote and educate within your organisation and the wider community.