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Sanseveria adds a natural touch to reception

When London and Scottish Property Investment Management (LSPIM) moved into their new offices last year, incorporating plants was central to the interior design plan.

LSPIM, one of Scotland’s largest independent property asset managers, relocated it’s 60 staff to a newly refurbished, open plan space on Glasgow’s Bath Street.

Caroline Hammond, office manager and executive assistant to Stephen Inglis, said: “Stephen Inglis, our founder and CEO, was very keen to ensure that our new offices were as healthy as they possibly could be in terms of air quality, especially in these COVID times, and planting was very much at the forefront of his vision for the new office.”

The light and airy main workspace presents an ideal environment for the inclusion of interior plants, which not only add greenery to the interior design but also act as natural barriers, affording an element of seclusion to colleagues. Planted with aglaonema silver bay, meter long barrier troughs create luscious screens along the main thoroughfare, reducing distractions from those passing by, while the noise absorption qualities of the plants help to lessen any sound disturbance.

Strategically situated shelving units segregate meeting pods from the general workspace, combining a variety of foliage in built in planters and simple, timeless fiberstone bowls. The use of rhipsalis, a tropical succulent, in the display creates a tactile carpet, while trailing scindapsus bring vibrancy and character to the unit.

Caroline said: “The driver behind positioning of the planting was mainly to give people some extra privacy without building walls and the planting has achieved this both at the end of banks of desk and around our many collaborative meeting spaces.”

As we emerge from the pandemic, face to face meetings are slowly beginning to replace some of the virtual calls we have become so accustomed to and having an impressive reception area is once again emerging as a priority for many business.  Visitors to LSPIM are among those now being treated to a memorable welcome, greeted by a bright, contemporary space, surrounded by greenery. The reception desk is flanked on one side by a row of sansevieria top dressed in a natural bark, while a beautiful foliage bowl adorns the countertop at the other.  As guests are shown to the seated reception area, they pass a stunning ficus lyrate – commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig and on trend in terms of indoor tropical plants. Bowls of rhipsalis, dotted around the welcome zone further emphasise the importance LSPIM have placed on adding natural elements to the decor throughout the office space.  

While making a first impression is extremely important, the extent of the plant displays throughout the office area at LSPIM reflect the commitment by management to provide a ‘healthy’ workplace for staff to enjoy. ‘The planting has had a very positive response from the staff as it brings a more natural feel to the office,’ says Caroline. To the rear of the office a luxury breakout area, complete with coffee machine, well stocked fridge and foosball table features plants displays throughout, right down to live wall hangings in the cloakroom.

We have been delighted to deliver a project which has involved such a diverse selection of plant material to a client that recognises the deeper value of nature in the indoor environment and its impact on wellbeing. 

Caroline said: “We have worked with GP for many years as a business therefore it [selecting a supplier] was a natural selection and the service has been excellent.”

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“We just love plants. It makes the office even more welcoming, and they are so nice to look at. GP have been perfect. “Elaine [Sales Manager] is great and if we have any questions, she is just at the end of the phone, and it has been lovely to see Lesley [Interior Landscape Technician] and her friendly face when she comes in to tend to the plants.”
Bethany Wilson , Class for Kids
“The greenery creates a calm and tranquil environment in which to work and are conducive to the design process.”
Mette Møller, Urban Designer , HarrisonStevens
“UWS are delighted with the end result, GP Plantscape excelled from start to finish working closely with us carrying out several reviews and provided multiple options for us to consider. ”
John MacFarlane , Facilities and Maintenance Manager, UWS
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