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St Enoch Centre Food Court

To meet the needs of the ever more demanding shopper St Enoch Centre has invested £1.5m in refurbishing its food court, with the seating area extended to offer 900 seats making it the biggest food court in Scotland, attracting over 3 million visitors annually. So naturally, GP Plantscape were delighted to have been successful in providing the interior plant solution and ongoing maintenance at the Atrium.

Working in conjunction with TT Design, lead designer on the project and BBC Bow Management, project manager the solution we delivered added a natural element to the area as well as creating features in the food court. Several themes were carried through the design creating an interesting and diverse landscaping solution.

One of the main features are 6m replica ballhead ficus trees intended to create an impressive canopy, installed in seating fixtures. Incorporating planting into furniture is becoming increasingly popular as a design concept which besides being striking can also save space, create height, natural divisions and also absorb noise – an important consideration with 900 people having their lunch in the one space.

Working with furniture requires additional elements of preparation on site from the installations team. Pine wooden seating fixtures featuring Sansevieria to provide a textured finished look had to be lined before inserting the compost and plants to ensure that they were watertight. Sansevieria were also incorporated into anthracite grey Nax pots to coordinate, located on both floors of the food court.

The next element of the interior plant design was the installation of white Icon pots from Italy, several of which had an additional feature of integral lights. These were planted with ficus nitida and placed strategically over the 2 levels of the food court. A further 2 slightly smaller icon pots planted with Sansevieria complete this range of styled planting. The white pots provide a fresh, clean, contemporary feel in the food court.

Finally the eating space is characterised by impressive feature walls creating divisions which hold artificial planting in plush gold pots exuding a quality feel against the rich wood colour yet feeling light because of the large natural spaces allowing the light to pass through and artificial lighting. Each pot had to be sprayed gold at our nursery prior to installation with a combination of upright and trailing planting to add further variation. A stunning solution which is proving popular with customers.

“We’re really excited about our new-look Food Court and its premium facilities. Today’s shoppers are looking for comfort as well as convenience and the design has met this perfectly with bright, inviting colours used throughout and varied seating areas to meet the needs of users.” 

Anne Ledgerwood, general manager

In such a busy public environment, flexibility from GP Plantscape around the installation was key to this projects success to minimise disruption and the health and safety impact to the public and staff. Most of the installation was therefore carried out during night shifts which allowed for a smooth process and a dramatic impact.

“Dining out continues to play an increasing important role in the retail experience and it is important that this was reflected in the design. The centre is lovely and bright with its expansive glass area and we wanted to celebrate this with lots of greenspace, creating a relaxing environment for shoppers to spend time. We look forward to welcoming shoppers old and new as they discover our improved layout and fantastic choice of food.”

If you are planning a day to Glasgow shopping or on business and looking for a quick bite of lunch or coffee stop then the St Enoch Food Court is an ideal location.

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